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Backtranslation: his ally

If you often order translations into languages not dominating, it is possible, many times, have doubts about the quality of the product that are giving. Is it a good translation? It really reflected what the original text says? Does it have the same style? A good way to find out is to check with someone who knows the language. But if you don't know anyone, there is something that can help you: the inverse translation. A reverse translation or back-translation, is to pass a text translated into your language. Suppose that you send to translate into Chinese (the target language) a text that is written in English (original language); a reverse translation is to translate the Chinese text into English. Then the two English texts are compared to verify that the content is the same.

It is important to note that, just as it is impossible to get two exactly the same of the same text translations, get an exactly equal to the original reverse translation is truly unlikely. The idea is to ensu…

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